Not another collective?!

by Hollie McManus


I am getting my new blog up and running with some seriously exciting news!

I am a member of a new design collective called Dot & Flow Designs!


Not another collective?! We hear you cry. Well... yes, but we'd like to think that Dot & Flow Design goes way beyond just that.

We are a creative, talented bunch of surface pattern designers and illustrators from various places around the world. We each have something unique to bring to the table, but we all share a passion for creating fresh new designs for licensing and sale.

We like to think that we are more than just a collective, we are a community. We have access to key trend information, tutorials, templates and design challenges to ensure we continue to develop, grow and remain inspired to create stunning new art. 

We would love it if you had a wonder around our beautiful new website

and if you could join us over on our instagram and shared the news, we would be even more grateful.

We even have a Facebook page for you to like:

and if you would like to join our newsletter, you can click here!

There will be more exciting news on its way soon.